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Our Entrepreneurs

We’re on the hunt for diamonds in the rough. We invest in startups led by exceptional founders that take on challenging business problems with scalable automated technology solutions. Scopus entrepreneurs come armed with transformational enterprise technologies and even bigger visions and goals, particularly for the most uncertain of environments. We partner with them to polish their stories, navigate big decisions, and build category-defining companies. Our investment approach isn’t one size fits all—we take time to assess each investment opportunity individually, focusing primarily on six main areas:

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We’re constantly looking to see how we can add more value to make our entrepreneurs’ journey smoother and more successful.

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With our network of academics, sales executives, and researchers across the software industry, we help screen and onboard talent to fuel fast growth.

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We provide capital to scale organically and lay a robust foundation for future rounds.

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We’ve built a great network of Fortune 1000 customers, partners, bankers, and vendors.

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We know that every minute counts. Our investment committee is used to rapid decision-making, and we keep things incredibly simple.

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We guide our entrepreneurs as they navigate the best exit strategy that is in alignment with their ultimate objectives.

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Great companies are the result of strong, collaborative relationships built on two-way honesty, trust and, above all, no BS.

A Soft Landing

We know that a big move impacts not only our entrepreneurs, but also their families. We’re here to help them settle into their new chapter effortlessly.


Our story starts where yours starts.

Scopus Ventures is a founder-focused early-stage venture capital firm founded by visionary entrepreneurs and investors. Our core team brings together unparalleled experience in finance and investing tech and business operations, and building companies from the ground up. We’re proud to be able to give our portfolio companies unique access to a wealth of knowledge and game-changing connections.

We were in your shoes once—and we want to help you be in our shoes someday soon.


Bahram Nour-Omid

Chairman, Managing Partner

Expertise: Technological Operations


Bahram Nour-Omid

Chairman, Managing Partner

Bahram is a serial entrepreneur who began his career as a technologist specializing in large-scale computing and software systems. Later on, he founded several companies building and growing teams to significant success. He has been venture investing since 1990 bringing with him decades of business leadership in technology companies with many successful exits. He has a PhD in Scientific Computing, a MA in Mathematics, and a MS in Engineering, all from the University of California, Berkeley. His Bachelor of Science is in Civil Engineering from the Imperial College of London.

Eran Gilad

Managing Partner

Expertise: Business Operations and Entrepreneurship


Eran Gilad

Managing Partner

Eran has been an Operator his entire career. He started his career at the IDF as an Officer and continued scaling organizations for two decades. Before making the leap into entrepreneurship, he got his start as a management consultant at Bohlin & Stromberg Sweden focused on mergers, acquisitions and growth strategies. Since then he has been building and growing successful B2B companies. Today, Eran finds his passion at helping entrepreneurs who truly swing for the fences. He holds an Engineering degree from Coventry University, England and an MBA from Lund University, Sweden. He currently attends the OPM Program at the Harvard Business School.

Robert Mai

Managing Partner

Expertise: Finance and Investment Banking


Robert Mai

Managing Partner

Robert is focusing on fund management as they pertain to Scopus Ventures investments, partnerships, operations and regulatory compliance in the U.S. and abroad. Robert has over 25 years of experience working in investment banking and asset management throughout Asia and the US at Lehman Brothers, UBS and Citigroup. Prior to teaming up with Eran and Bahram, Robert spent a decade working in private equity and venture capital markets, including managing a $300 million alternative investments portfolio and fixed income trading platform at Klingenstein Fields Wealth Advisors. Robert graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a BS in Biological Sciences and received an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

Why LA?

When it comes to expanding business operations abroad, we know that founders, especially Israeli ones, have many options and, likewise, many factors to consider.

We’re not in the Bay Area—and we think that’s a real advantage.

Beyond the great Israel-like weather and nature (and, if we’re honest, traffic), which make getting acclimated more than a little bit easier, Southern California’s entrepreneur community and tech scene is uniquely vibrant and welcoming. The sense of community, the familiar terrain and the more accessible cost of living soften the landing for our founders (and their families).

More than that, at Scopus Ventures, we lay the groundwork for successful next steps by offering full daily access: to our partners, our extensive knowledge and experience, our network of advisers and partners, inspiring office space, tools for scaling, hiring managers and so much more.

Join us to go beyond the realm of la-la land.


We invest in enterprise software companies with game-changing technologies led by ambitious entrepreneurs.

The Market Reseach Cloud that empowers real-time business decisions

Fuel Cycle is the leading market research cloud that combines both qualitative and quantitative data to power real-time business decisions. Through online communities, product exchanges, panels, and more, Fuel Cycle offers the only all-in-one market research platform for brands to connect to their customers. With Fuel Cycle, organizations can quickly act upon reliable data to help predict the future of their industry and stay one-step ahead of the competition.

Hotel room service hasn't evolved since it was introduced in 1930

Butler provides a technology platform to streamline the operations and logistics associated with in-room dining service for hotels. It aggregates room service demands across multiple locations to provide a cost effective and high-quality room service experience for their guests. Its technology results in more efficient food preparation operation, faster delivery to their rooms while giving the customer multiple payment options including the hotel bill.

Secure your industrial systems with the most advanced operational data integrity software

Aperio Systems provides a continuous monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates into existing SCADA and industrial control solutions to secure critical infrastructure systems by ensuring ironclad operational data integrity. The system protects against mission-critical sensor malfunctions and sophisticated cyberattacks that target digital systems controlling physical assets. The end result – enhanced business continuity, dramatically lower risk of shutdowns and service outages, and unprecedented operational integrity.

Automatically record, transcribe, and organize cell phone calls

Phoneic has developed a software solution to automatically record, transcribe, and organize an individual’s cell phone calls with the tap of a button or be set to capture calls automatically. The company’s product, “Productive™”, is installed on a mobile device and phone number. Calls are automatically routed through Phoneic's server. It works on both incoming and outgoing calls without the need to obtain a second phone number.

Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Customer Success

Perceptive AI is an enterprise class solution that streamlines customer success operations. It accurately predicts potential customer churn allowing the customer success team to focus attention and efforts on the accounts that really matter. It leverages cutting-edge data science and machine learning technology to identify the customers that are most at risk.

Blockchain Application Platform for the Industrial Enterprise

The Authenticiti Blockchain Network Platform synchronizes data from third party applications and supply chain partners into a single, decentralized database. It provides an unprecedented level of security and resilience to ensure no central intermediary controls ecosystem data and all parties can trust recorded events. Asset records, trade documents, and location data are auto-reconciled on the blockchain ledger in real-time to increase your working capital and eliminate disputes without disrupting existing business processes.

Manages all your SaaS applications used in an enterprise in one single place

Torii SaaS application management solution helps IT teams to drive their business forward by making the best use of all SaaS solutions deployed in the enterprise. With the rapidly growing number of SaaS solutions in the market and the ability to deploy these solutions with a single click, the management to these productivity tools has become a big challenge. Torii's solution makes it easy to centrally manage these applications without hindering the positive trend of SaaS solution while allowing people throughout the organization to adapt technology and drive the business forward.

Apply AI to help you hire people who perform best and stay longer

Empirical allows large enterprises to recruit the right people for the organization's most important job. It uses machine-learning algorithms to capture essential performance drivers in your company and create a predictive model that identifies the candidates who mirror your top performers. Deep learning technology enables ongoing optimization based on actual performance data, helping you find better people faster.

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